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A weekend away
lucid dreaming
lucid living


Created by a Dream Yogi and an experienced Oneironaut.

Daniel and Sarah joined forces to create the type of unique dreaming retreats they would want to attend themsleves. With a shared interest in lucid dreaming and lucid living Awake & Away was born to create bespoke retreats which aim to reawaken the dreamers within us all. Combining a combination of their own personal dream practices and ancient dreaming techniques, Awake & Away is designed by dreamers for dreamers.

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In a lucid dream the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming while they are dreaming.

Bound only by the limits of your imagination the lucid dream state becomes a platform to explore the infitnite. You are presented with a playground of possibilities, where thoughts become things and you can experience anything the heart desires.  The opportunity to directly observe and interact with your sub-conscious can also facilitate profound personal and spiritual growth. This is why lucid dreaming is often a path to lucid livin; an awareness that we are all connected on some level in our waking life. This awareness can cultivate a sense of kindness and compassion for all beings, a state of union which can lead to a peace of mind.

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13th-16th July 2018
Special discounted tickets from £250 
Limited spaces available

Spend a magical weekend away learning how to wake up in your dreams.
An intensive dream incubation weekend in the magical Brecon Beacon Black Mountains.

Lucid dreaming workshops, guest speakers, dream incubation, massage therapies, mythical walks, yoga nidra, guided meditations and organic vegan/vegitarian superfood all included.

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